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Steve Barnes



Steve Barnes has 25 years’ experience, the last 21 of which are in semiconductor automation and lab information systems. He has been a lynchpin of the implementation and automation product development teams within CIMple Solutions, Jenoptik Infab and Brooks Automation, and (with Andrew) was the architect and prime developer of the tool automation platforms developed by those companies. At Savantech, Steve wears multiple hats; he is still lead for several of our semiconductor clients but is now also lead and overall coordinator for our lab management systems side of the business, with an in-depth knowledge of SQL.

Brad Connor


Brad Connor has 25 years’ industry experience, principally as a technical consultant within the semiconductor manufacturing industry but also within the HR and retail fields. He has project management, technical pre-sales and strong customer-facing skills. His background is in computer software development, and he has a wealth of experience in driving both development and implementation teams. In Savantech, Brad's brief includes Finance and HR in addition to his technical role, which currently focuses on healthcare systems developed in a mixture of Delphi, C# and SQL.

Stephen Pegler


Stephen Pegler has over 30 years’ industrial experience. He started his working career with the RSA merchant navy and developed strong electronic engineering skills over the course of his years in that industry. After coming to the UK Stephen took up a software engineering position with Brooks Automation, where he learned the intricacies of tool automation and first met the other Savantech principals. After a period of successfully developing remote wind and water flow measuring stations under the guise of his own company, Stephen joined Savantech Limited and has added his electronic design and build skills to our portfolio.

Andrew Weatherhead


Andrew Weatherhead has 28 years’ industry experience. He was the Technical Director at CIMple Solutions Limited, and subsequently Software Development Director at Jenoptik Infab Limited and Brooks Automation in the UK, where he lead the development of key tool automation platforms of those companies. His experience in leading development teams and proven history of delivering quality solutions on-time is a key asset to the company, as is his technical engineering ability. Andrew is the principal architect of our core product set.

Matthew Alsop

Commercial and Sales

Matthew is a strong commercially focused senior commercial director. He began his career working for Rolls-Royce in the North East of England. Always ready to take on a new challenge, he moved abroad and gained outstanding international experience in Austria and India before finally returning to the UK and settling in Scotland. Working in a range of organisations from high tech mass production through to complex heavy engineering, his roles have been equally diverse from Finance Director to senior sales positions.