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We develop world class equipment automation software solutions, helping our clients achieve significant competitive advantages by increased manufacturing performance, improved efficiency, eliminating human error, increased traceability of assets and accurate records. These solutions are embraced by all our clients across various industries, such as complex manufacturing, semiconductors, laboratories, healthcare (NHS), logistics, and environmental.



Savantech Limited is a Scottish company based in Livingston, which provides innovative technology-based solutions to business problems across a wide range of industries. With our initial expertise in the semiconductor, equipment integration, logistics tracking and management systems, Savantech was created by its three founding members in January 2005. Between them, Steve Barnes, Brad Connor and Andrew Weatherhead and the team have a combined experience of almost 90 years in the Semiconductor manufacturing industry. Stephen Pegler joined the team in 2006, bringing with him a strong background in custom hardware design to augment Savantech's strong software portfolio.


Our ambition has been to create a business that offers a premier service and product proposition to the marketplace. Our approach is based on expertise, innovation and a true customer focus that targets clients' most pressing needs and builds the foundation for long-term working relationships.


With competition levels inexorably increasing within the Semiconductor/MEMS manufacturing industry, Savantech has recognised the need for maximising the productivity and flexibility of existing manufacturing facilities. Tool integration is pivotal in achieving cost efficiencies and the company can now offer a complete package of tailored solutions and services designed to increase ROI on present tools and staffing.


Savantech have a proven track record of excellence in their field of tool automation solution design, development and implementation. The team is committed to providing comprehensive support and maintenance services for their systems, and through the provision of expert advice, can ensure that clients get the most from their facilities.


Savantech offers a core team of industry specialists, enabling us to ensure continued creativity and high levels of customer service. We are constantly being challenged by our customers on new projects, and as a result have developed other successful automation projects like Asset tracking via RFID and barcode as well as healthcare electronic software management and a remote weather station; all this technology proving our expertise in helping our clients to be more efficient with accurate records.


Savantech is proud to provide solutions and support for several global semiconductor manufacturing companies as well as smaller forward thinking companies who need software that manages their distributed hardware reliably and consistently, with all of whom we have excellent and on-going relationships. Our client base includes:

Diodes Incorporated

Savantech are the perfect IT solutions partnership…


Their product delivers!


They will develop, build and mould the solutions to your specific requirements, hold your hand and guide you at every step sharing the vast knowledge from wider customer experiences.


Their knowledge & patience is second to none to implement a working solution, this is a key objective in their business model.


The justification at Diodes centred on mechanical yield improvement, the project delivered a 2% increase as forecasted by the reduction of operator error in recipe selection.


Arriving in the 21st century with Savantech via this basic solution opened our eyes, expectations and opportunities, we have never looked back with automation and further in house user interface developments that Savantech have assisted with greatly.


Hidden benefits of standardisation and reduced training times produced unexpected increases in productivity.


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